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Esquire Comics - Issue: New Book of Comics #1
Issue Date: 1937
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Era/Age:: Platinum

Grade: 2.0/GD
Grade Service: CGC
Page Condition: Off-White
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Price: $2,000
Status: SOLD!

Description: Overstreet lists this as "Rare" as well he should for it is the 1st regular size comic annual (and second DC annual overall) that is nearly 70 years old! It contains reprints of New Comics #1-4 & More Fun #9. Fantastic early art by legends Siegel & Schuster, Moldoff and Mayer.

Overstreet 2005 Guide GD 2.0 = $2,000.

Front Cover: New Book of Comics #1
Back Cover: New Book of Comics #1

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