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Comics As History: Mark Zaid
After graduating and establishing a thriving legal practice in the nation's capital, his childhood passion re-emerged in a serious way, leading him to launch his company, online at Scoop asked Zaid to talk about how he got started and how he collects today.
(The Main Event, Scoop. 2005-05-06)
Superman #1 5.5 Sells For $130,000
Scoop recently learned that Mark S. Zaid of sold a run of Superman #1-4 last week in separate transactions. The total amount between these transactions was $151,000.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2005-04-22)
Esquire Comics Launches Website
Noted Washington, D.C. attorney Mark S. Zaid goes live today with the grand unveiling of the new website for his comic business, The site features many of the highest CGC certified comic books dating from 1930-1963.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2005-04-01)
Bang! Pow! Cash! Comic-Book Prices Soar
For Mark Zaid, what began as a stack of memories has become a hefty nest egg. The Washington, D.C., lawyer began collecting when he was about seven, buying copies for 20 cents each.
(Wall Street Journal. 2005-09-23) Celebrates First Anniversary is proud to celebrate its first anniversary by doubling its inventory of high-grade and/or key Platinum and Golden Age comics. The new additions include some of the highest graded CGC books as well as rarely seen offerings.
(Industry News - Scoop. 2005-11-18) Acquires Rare Action Funnies
Scoop has learned that attorney Mark S. Zaid, owner of, has acquired a copy of the historical ashcan comic, Action Funnies. The copy was purchased from a private collector and is one of only three known copies of the Action Funnies ashcan that have ever been available to the public.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2005-12-09)
Restoration of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide’s Definition of Restoration
One particular modification to the term restoration caught my attention immediately. This change, though subtle, has serious connotations for the comic book community, which has been wrestling for years to understand the definition of restoration as well as experiencing even greater difficulty in accepting how to view restored comic books.
( 2006-05-06)
Still More “Making The Grade”
Mark Zaid contributed this piece to GPAnalysis's newsletter. George Pantela of GPAnalysis kindly gave us permission to reprint it in this week's our as part of the ongoing solicitation of opinions regarding grading issues.
(In the Limelight, Scoop. 2006-05-06)
CGC-Certified Action Comics #1 4.0 Sells
Mark Zaid of and Bechara Maalouf of Nostalgic Investments have reported the sale a CGC-certified 4.0 copy of Action Comics #1 for a record price of $195,000. The purchaser was not disclosed.
(Auctions/Prices, Scoop. 2006-05-19)
Mark Zaid Joins Overstreet Advisors
Mark Zaid, the owner of, has joined the ranks of the Overstreet Advisors.
(Superstars, Scoop. 2006-06-09)
Making The Grade - The Responses Keep Rolling
In "Making the Grade - Pressing," [Superstars, Scoop, Friday, June 02, 2006], Gemstone Publishing has asked some very specific questions regarding the practice of pressing. In introducing your questions you identify three different types of pressing. The first involves the removal of the staples, while the second can include very concentrated pressing of a specific area of the front or back cover of a book. The third is unintentional due to the chosen storage method.
(In the Limelight, Scoop. 2006-06-09)
New Advocacy Group Formed for Collectors, Dealers
More than a dozen comic book collectors and dealers have come together to form the Network of Disclosure...
(Superstars, Scoop. 2006-07-21)
NOD Website Relaunched Today
The Network of Disclosure has announced that they will relaunch their website today incorporating revisions from the comic book community.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2006-09-01)
San Diego Hosts NOD, AACC Discussion
Comic-Con International: San Diego will play host on Saturday, July 22, 2006 to a panel entitled Promoting A Safe And Enjoyable Environment For Collecting and Investing in Comic Books.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2006-07-21)
Esquire, Socal Offer Silver Age Collection
Esquire Comics and Socal Comics have announced they are offering a new find, which they have dubbed "Hollywood Hills Collection." Mark S. Zaid of and Jamie Newbold of Southern California Comics reported they discovered the collection, which contains, "some of the best and highest graded Silver Age Marvels that have been seen in many years," they said in a press release.
(Auctions/Prices, Scoop. 2006-11-22)
Western Missouri Comic Collection Unveiled
A newly discovered collection is being offered by Mark S. Zaid of and Dan Cusimano of The Flying Donut Company, both of whom are advisors to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2006-11-22)
Socal, Offer Batman Run
Southern California Comics and have just announced the acquisition of a run of the first hundred issues of Batman. Of the first hundred comics from the title all but five were included in the collection.
(Auctions/Prices, Scoop. 2007-04-06)
Inside the Network of Disclosure
During the course of soliciting information and opinions for the current edition of The Official Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, a number of individuals stepped to the forefront of the discussion surrounding grading issues.
(The Main Event, Scoop. 2007-06-01)
Overstreet Advisors Assemble
An informal meeting of the Overstreet Advisors was held at Geppi's Entertainment Museum on Wednesday, August 1, from 2 PM to 5 PM.
(Industry News, Scoop. 2007-08-03)
Faces of Comic-Con - Part 2
Mark Zaid was in attendance looking for esoteric comics and ashcan comics for his collection.
(Superstars, Scoop. 2007-07-27)
Comic-Con: Superman History Offered
A collection of documents pertaining to the initial 1947 litigation between Superman's two creators, Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster, and their publisher, National Periodical Publications, that is now being offered for sale by
(Industry News, Scoop. 2007-07-27)
All About Comics with Mark Zaid
Overstreet Advisor, noted attorney, and owner of, Mark Zaid was asked by to introduce comics in different sections with a video style format. If you have any questions related to comics, Mark is the guy to listen to.
(Superstars, Scoop. 2007-09-28)
This week, we’re introducing a new regular feature in Scoop: Origin Issue. The subject is a straightforward question, but one with many different answers: Why do you collect?
(Industry News: Scoop. 2009-10-16)
From Cave Art To Superheroes: Comic Books & Social Commentary
A video of my powerpoint presentation delivered at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con featuring an educational and humorous interactive visual arts presentation tracing the historical creation and development of comic books and their characters, and particularly how comics addressed social issues of the day (including such topics as war, sex, civil rights, women's liberation, politics, censorship, violence, and terrorism.) The program was sponsored by the CertifiedGuarantyCompany, the leading comic certification company, GPAnalysis, the world's first analysis and reporting service for online auction and dealer comic book sales, and the NetworkofDisclosure, a group of comic book dealers and collectors, who have pledged to disclose any form of restoration or enhancement, the presentation is designed for audiences of all ages (warning: some images may be graphic).
(San Diego Comic-Con 2009: 2009-07-25)
Truth, Justice​ ... and ‘Superheroes in Court!’ at Yale Law School
An article in the New Haven Register discusses the comic book exhibit at Yale Law School curated by Mark S. Zaid entitled "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books".
(New Haven Register. 2010-11-10)
Lawyers and Superheroes—Now That’s Comical!
The University of Rochester's alumni magazine profiles Mark S. Zaid's (class of 1989) curated exhibit at Yale Law School on "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books".
(University of Rochester Review Magazine. 2010-11-11)
Opening Statements: Comic-Con
The American Bar Association's Journal highlighted the Yale Law School exhibit on "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books" curated by Mark S. Zaid.
(American Bar Association Journal. 2010-10-21)
Lecture on "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books"
Here is a 52 minute video of the speech delivered by Mark S. Zaid on September 30, 2010, at Yale Law School relating to the comic book exhibit he curated on "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books".
(Yale Law School. 2010-09-30)
Abnormal Interviews: Lawyer/Comic Book Collector Mark Zaid
A blog interview of Mark S. Zaid by fellow attorneys who are also comic book enthusiasts concerning the Yale Law School exhibit "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books".
( 2010-10-18)
Comic Book Heroes at Yale Law School
An article concerning the lecture delivered by Mark S. Zaid at Yale Law School on September 30, 2010, on the exhibit “Superheroes in Court: Lawyers, Law and Comic Books”.
(Scoop: Superstarts. 2010-10-15)
Where We Live: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Lawyer!
From Atticus Finch to Law and Order, lawyers and the law have been the subject of endless fascination in American culture, including one overlooked pop cultural medium. Comic Books! Mark S. Zaid and others are interviewed by Connecticut's NPR station concerning the Yale Law School exhibit on "Superheroes on Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books" and the impact law and lawyers have had on comics.
(WNPR - Connecticut. 2010-10-04)
Superheroes in Court Exhibit
The Yale Law School Rare Books Blog detailing all the events relating to the exhibit "Superheroes in Court! Law, Lawyers and Comic Books" curated by Mark S. Zaid and on display from September 4, 2010 - December 16, 2010.
(Yale Law School Rare Books Blog. 2010-09-04)
Law and comics mix at new YLS exhibit
Yale's undergraduate newspaper's article on the Law School exhibit “Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books" curated by Mark S. Zaid.
(Yale Daily News. 2010-09-17)
Superheroes in Court at Yale Show
In this September 14, 2010, article the New York Times profiles the Yale Law School exhibit on "Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books,” curated by Mark S. Zaid.
(New York Times. 2010-09-14)
Comic Book Collecting Association Launched
With a Bam, Boom and Pow, the latest news to the comic community is the unveiling of the Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA) which publicly announced its launch on Monday, February 22, 2010. Guided by its founding principles of Fellowship, Education and Ethics, CBCA is a nonprofit international organization made up of comic book enthusiasts who share an appreciation for the history, artistic merit, and significance of the comic book medium as an important element of popular culture. Thus, not only are comic books themselves the subject of focus but also their history, the artwork and artistry and related memorabilia.
(Scoop: Industry News. 2010-02-22)
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