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Mark S. Zaid, Esq.
Esquire Comics
P.O. Box 342-492
Bethesda, MD 20827-2492
(202) 498-0011

 Unless urgent, please use e-mail to first contact me during weekdays. As I am a practicing attorney it is sometimes difficult to respond to telephone calls during working hours.Thank you for your courtesy and understanding.

Mark S. Zaid -- The Comic Dealer/Collector

Welcome to my site! It is indeed a pleasure to re-enter the world of comics. I am no stranger to comic books. I, like many of you who will be interested in my inventory, have been collecting for years - 32 to be exact (based on my earliest memory). I had some brief forays into comic dealing on Long Island in 1985 and Albany, New York in 1990, but then left the hobby to pursue my legal career during the 1990s. However, I never lost the love I had for comics and I am very happy to be back in full force.

2006 has been quite a year for me as a dealer/collector. Not only was I proud to be named as an Advisor to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, but I helped create - and currently serve as a Committee Member - the Network of Disclosure ( The NOD seeks to promote the principles of integrity, education and security in all comic book transactions. Most of all it adheres to the notion that disclosure of all known relevant information concerning a comic book is the preferred way to do business.

I am always interested in hearing from fellow collectors, particularly of Platinum and Golden Age books, and investors. If you are looking for particular books, have books to offer me for sale or consignment, or simply want to make some suggestions on how to improve the website, I welcome any and all contacts. is intended to be an unique comic book business that caters to a very specific crowd of collectors/investors. Indeed, I really don't even consider it a business. It exists purely and solely to feed my own insatiable appetite to continue collecting myself! That means my prices, while perhaps high at times because of the types of books in question, are not marked up to generate huge profits. I don't need to squeeze out that last $1,000 on every purchase. The bottom line is that I want my customers happy so that you return and return for more transactions, whether they be purchases, sales or trades, so that at the end of the day we can all spend time looking at the beautiful books in our collections!

Mark S. Zaid -- The Attorney

As unique as I hope will be, I can safely characterize my law practice as, well, different from the norm. I currently serve as the Managing Partner of my own Washington, D.C. law firm. I specialize in litigation and lobbying on matters relating to national security, foreign sovereign and diplomatic immunity, and the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOI/PA).

I primarily represent former or current federal employees, particularly within the Intelligence Community (CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, etc), and members of the media. No doubt you have heard of many of the cases I have handled or clients I have represented.

My clients have included Mohamed Al Fayed and Harrods Department Store, noted political commentator Arianna Huffington, Congressman Lane Evans, former Secret Service Agents of President John F. Kennedy and the descendant families of presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth. I am a recognized expert on legal issues relating to national security and classified information, and I often appear as a guest commentator on such networks as CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, CourtTV, NPR and other television and radio programs.

I have also testified before, or provided testimony to, a variety of governmental bodies including the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, the House Government Operations Committee, the Department of Energy and the Assassination Records Review Board, an independent federal agency. If you are interested in additional information on my background and legal practice, please check out these profiles:

American Lawyer Profile (December 2003)
National Law Journal Profile (February 2001)
University of Rochester Profile (Winter/Spring 2001)

You can also find out more about my law practice, writings and media appearance via my Curriculum Vitae. Finally, I am also the Executive Director of the James Madison Project, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit, with the primary purpose of educating the public on issues relating to intelligence gathering and operations, secrecy policies, national security and government wrongdoing.

You can find out more about JMP by going to its Website at

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