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Esquire Comics - Issue: Marvel Family #1
Issue Date: Dec. 1945
Publisher: Fawcett Pubs.
Era/Age:: Golden/Atom

Grade: 6.0/FN
Grade Service:
Page Condition: Off-White
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Price: $700
Status: SOLD!

Description: This classic first issue features the retelling of the origins of Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., Mary Marvel,and Uncle Marvel. Also the origin/1st appearance Black Adam. It is also from the Robert Overstreet collection and is accompanied by a certificate. 1/4" spine split bottom of spine, 1/8" bindery tear top of spine.

Overstreet 2005 FN 6.0 value = $531; VF 8.0 value = $1,106.

Front Cover: Marvel Family #1
Back Cover: Marvel Family #1

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