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Esquire Comics - Issue: Police Comics #1
Issue Date: Aug, 1941
Publisher: Quality Comics
Era/Age:: Golden/Atom

Grade: 4.0/VG
Grade Service: None
Page Condition: Off-White
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Price: $1,000
Status: For Sale

Description: Fantastic book featuring the origin/1st appearance of Plastic Man by Jack Cole and a whole host of other characters. Gerber rates this book a "6". Description: This copy has very slight color touch and a tear seal (a); cover corner abrasions, creases right lower cover, tears along right side cover, slight stain middle cover, spine creases, small stain lower bottom back cover, spine roll. For additional high-quality scans, please e-mail me.

Overstreet 2005 VG 4.0 value = $1,484.

Front Cover: Police Comics #1
Back Cover: Police Comics #1

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