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Esquire Comics - Issue: New York World's Fair #1940
Issue Date: 1940
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Era/Age:: Golden/Atom

Grade: 7.0/FN/VF
Grade Service: CGC ID#0036951004
Page Condition: Cream to Off-White
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Price: $5,640
Status: SOLD!

Description: Ranked 90th out of 100 Top Golden Age Age book by Overstreet; 1st time Superman, Batman & Robin appear together; 1st Burnley c/a. Not surprisingly, only one copy of this book can be found graded higher!

Overstreet 2005 FN 6.0 value = $3,384; VF 8.0 value = $7,895.

Front Cover: New York World's Fair #1940
Back Cover: New York World's Fair #1940

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