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Esquire Comics - Issue: New Comics #9
Issue Date: October 1936
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Era/Age:: Platinum

Grade: 3.5/VG-
Grade Service:
Page Condition:
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Price: $950
Status: For Sale

Description: CONDITION: centerfold and one wrap detached at lower staple, some coloring to b/w interior images, very slight spine roll, 1/4" upper spine split, moderate spine wear, beginning of 1 1/2" tear right fc, 3 1/2" lower right fc crease, very slight bc small stain, 1/2" bug chew through lower right corner for entire book, 3.0/3.5.

This book is a GORGEOUS example that presents far better than the grade. It has O/W pages, and BEAUTIFUL color covers. These books are FAR, FAR under-appreciated. Someone should give it a good home and love it!!

2008 OSPG Values:  GD 2.0 = $571; VG 4.0 = $1,142.

Front Cover: New Comics #9
Back Cover: New Comics #9

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