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Esquire Comics - Issue: Green Lantern #1
Issue Date: July-August 1960
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Era/Age:: Silver

Grade: 4.5/VG+
Grade Service:
Page Condition:
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Price: $700
Status: SOLD!

Description: Origin retold, Gil Kane c/a.

Slight cover miswrap, slight staple rusting, moderate spine wear, penny sized stain fc (extending four pages interior), one smaller sized fc stain, slight bc staining and "dirt", other creases/tearing visible in scan, BEAUTIFUL cover colors!

Aggressively priced to sell!!!

OSPG 2008 values: VG 4.0 = $696; FN 6.0 = $1,044.

Front Cover: Green Lantern #1
Back Cover: Green Lantern #1

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