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Esquire Comics - Issue: Marvel Mystery Comics #73
Issue Date: June 1946
Publisher: Timely Comics
Era/Age:: Golden/Atom

Grade: 8.5/VF+
Grade Service: CGC ID#0039858002
Page Condition: Cream to Off-White
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Price: $1,150
Status: Pending Sale


Fantastic Human Torch & Toro action cover. Add in some wild wolves and you have one heck of a story!!! Even better, this copy is tied as the highest graded copy! It is very difficult to find copies of this title in high grade, so have fun searching! Or just buy this one!!!!

Overstreet 2009 Guide Value: VF 8.0 - $800.00; VF/NM 9.0 -$1,350.00

Front Cover: Marvel Mystery Comics #73
Back Cover: Marvel Mystery Comics #73

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