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Esquire Comics - Issue: Showcase #22
Issue Date:
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Era/Age:: Silver

Grade: 1.8/GD-
Grade Service:
Page Condition:
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Price: $275
Status: SOLD!


1st appearance/origin of SA Green Lantern. Cover is separated from the lower staple, still clinging to the top. Defects pretty self-evident. Centerfold is detached. I'm grading it at G-. OS is $348.

This is part of the "Western Missouri Collection" which began in a small Missouri town, 90 miles southeast of Kansas City where two young brothers began collecting comic books in 1958. Buying from the Rexall Drug Store, one boy bought Marvels, the other boy bought DCs, and for the next 30 years they bought and bought, and traded back and forth from each other.

This amazing collection amassed approximately 3,000 books, 90% bought off the rack by their original owners. The majority of this very affordable collection averages in the Fine range, with a range from Good to Very Fine +.

Only a few books from this collection will be listed on this site. Others can be viewed in my ebay store (username: EsquireComics). Please feel to inquire with any want lists.

Front Cover: Showcase #22
Back Cover: Showcase #22

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