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Esquire Comics - Issue: Fantastic Four #1
Issue Date: November 1961
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Era/Age:: Silver

Grade: 8.0/VF
Grade Service: CGC ID#0075325001
Page Condition: Off-White to White
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Price: $22,000
Status: SOLD!

Description: One of the holy grails of the Silver Age, and predominantly responsible for the revival of Marvel Comics and superheros, this beauty is ranked third amongst Silver Age titles by Overstreet. Certainly doesn't hurt that a major motion picture was released last year with sequels to follow!

Prices vary widely on this book. It is very uncommon, perhaps one can say scarce, in high grade and it is not often to see one on the market. During  2004-2005, several issues sold ranging from $19,000 to $25,000. An identically graded copy currently on Comiclink is seeking nearly $26,000 (with an existing bid approaching $24,000). A 9.4 copy sold for over $111,000 four years ago (which seemingly makes my offered #1 appear relatively inexpensive)!!!

But none of the other books, to my knowledge, offer what this copy does: presumably signed by the FF creator himself, the master Jack Kirby!!! Unfortunately, the signing was not done in the presence of CGC so no verification exists. Of course, there is no guarantee that the signature is authentic. However, I am aware of the recent history of this book and spoken with a prior owner who is a well-known comic book dealer. It was he who had the book certified by CGC. He told me that he has seen many authentic copies of Kirby's signature and he was of the opinion this signature is, in fact, authentic. Moreover, I spoke with CGC and confirmed that had they believed it was not Kirby's signature, it would not have been noted on the label (which is not the same, of course, as confirming authenticity).

This copy was actually given away as the Grand prize in a sweepstakes run by Activision. Luckily the current owner saved the book during the flooding caused last year by Hurricane Katrina!

This book is going nowhere but up! The next buyer will not be unhappy with this copy!

Overstreet 2006 Guide: VF 8.0 $9,700; VF/NM 9.0 $22,850; NM- 9.2 $36,000.

NETWORK OF DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: This book was previously certified as a CGC 7.5 and was resubmitted by a prior owner and graded in its present form of a CGC 8.0. It was not pressed.

Note: This book is on consignment to

Front Cover: Fantastic Four #1
Back Cover: Fantastic Four #1

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